IRCAD Masterclass, Laparoscopy in newborns, infants and children - Package

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F. Becmeur (FR)

A. Bonnard (FR) – J. Correia Pinto (PT) – C. Esposito (IT)
M. Lacher (DE) – M. Lima (IT) – M. Lopez (ES)
M. Mendoza Sagaon (CH) – D. Patkowski (PL) – P. Philippe (LU)
H. Till (AT) – A. Yagmurlu (TR)



DAY 1 – Thursday, April 22
From 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM (UTC+2)

> Laparoscopic treatment for gastroesophageal reflux, J. Correia Pinto / A. Yagmurlu
> Achalasia, J. Correia Pinto
> Discussion

> Total splenectomies, F. Becmeur
> Partial splenectomies, M. Lacher
> Discussion

> Cholecystectomy, M. Lacher
> Cholecystectomy using ICG fluorescence imaging technology, C. Esposito
> Choledochal cyst, A. Bonnard
> Discussion


> PIRS technique for inguinal hernia repair, D. Patkowski
> Inguinal hernia repair, P. Philippe
> Discussion
> PEPSiT pilonidal sinus treatment, C. Esposito
> Rectal prolapse: Wells procedure, H. Till
> Discussion
> Vascular ring abnormalities, P. Philippe
> Endoscopic suturing is a challenge, D. Patkowski
> Discussion


DAY 2 – Friday, April 23
From 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM (UTC+2)

> Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, M. Lacher
> Small bowel volvulus in case of malrotation, F. Becmeur
> Duodenal atresia, J. Correia Pinto / A. Bonnard
> Discussion
> Anorectal malformations, M. Lima / A. Yagmurlu
> Hirschsprung’s disease, H. Till / M. Lima
> Discussion

> Esophageal atresia
– Introduction, D. Patkowski
– Technical details, M. Lacher
– Long gap, D. Patkowski
> Discussion


> Lung resection, J. Correia Pinto / A. Bonnard
> Diaphragmatic hernias, H. Till
> Morgagni-Larrey hernias, M. Lopez
> Mediastinal tumors, A. Yagmurlu
> Discussion

> NUSS procedure, M. Lopez
> Pericardial window, M. Lopez
> Discussion


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> Lectures, videos and interaction with our international experts
> Exclusive replay, available 3 months after the IRCAD live course
> A certificate of attendance (the certificate will be issued with your personal contact information provided at the time of registration. Please note that no change will be possible afterwards. Thanks for your understanding.)

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